High-quality care

Millington Springs promotes the right for each resident to live in a home where they feel safe, respected, cared for and ultimately happy. Each resident is welcomed and settled in by a team of staff who appreciate that every resident comes with a unique life experience and we are absolutely committed to observing and celebrating culture, faith and identity. Millington Springs will achieve this commitment by observing religious festivals and building links with faith leaders so that this part of a resident’s identity can be maintained. We believe that Millington Springs is; 

  • A place where older people can feel safe, valued and enjoy being cared for.
  • A home where each person feels valued, respected and secure.
  • A residence without unnecessary rules and regulations.
  • A place to live where dignity, peace and comfort take priority.
  • A safe space for older adults to be looked after by people who genuinely enjoy and value older adults and all that they have experienced.
  • A place of interest, stimulation and activity where companionship and relationships can flourish.

Involvement and Engagement

We provide the highest possible standards of care and accommodation. The living accommodation comprises of 22 single occupancy bedrooms and 10 companion double rooms.   Each room is furnished to a high standard and we welcome residents to add their own personal touches as they wish. 

List of facilities

  • A secure, inviting reception area where we welcome our visitors and health care professionals.
  • 2 lounge areas: downstairs The Sunset Lounge and upstairs The Sunrise Lounge.  These lounges are a place to socialise, entertain, watch TV or just doze and relax.  
  • The Diner, a relaxed eatery where our residents enjoy familiar favourites and speciality dishes from our chef. As part of a balanced, healthy diet where family are invited to join
  • An onsite Salon to ensure our residents feel their best
  • An accessible lift to support our residents mobility around the home
  • 2 floors where our 32 bedrooms are located.  Each bedroom can be accessed via a corridor that is conveniently named after local places of interest in Selston.
  • The Retreat:  A place where those residents who wish to relax can spend time alone or in small groups, read, listen to music and unwind in a tranquil setting.
  • The Hush - a safe, discreet space to talk confidentially when privacy is necessary
  • A lawned garden and patio area where residents can socialise, relax and spend time with their guests. In addition to the main lawn and patio area, the grounds comprise of a sensory garden to encourage therapeutic rehabilitation, flower beds to admire and an area where residents with an interest in gardening can help to cultivate fresh produce. 

  Food and Mood

Millington Springs recognises the importance of meeting the individual nutritional and hydration needs of residents.  Meeting these needs will rely upon an effective nutritional assessment. Monitoring of both weight gain and loss and conditions related to diet will be undertaken by our nursing staff and communicated effectively to the care team. 


We ensure that our menus offer a balanced diet where food is appetising, well presented, varied and respectful of personal, cultural and faith related preferences.  Our food reflects the season and is served in pleasant, dignified surroundings with encouragement and support. 

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